Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Where have I been?

Well, first, here.
And then here.
And then, and still, here.

So it's been almost two months since I've updated; to keep track of what's going on, I would recommend taking a look at the twitter feed on the right.  For the near future, my blogging will be almost entirely devoted to Reflections on the Rite, the blog I'm running in conjunction with UNC and Carolina Performing Arts' The Rite of Spring at 100, a project celebrating the hundredth anniversary of the premiere of The Rite of Spring.  So apologies for all those seeking trenchant Seated Ovation words of wisdom.  I'm not sure what form this blog will take over the next year but I'll try to write here occasionally.  I'm in Year Two of the Ph.D. program now, which is the craziest.  To be brief: seminars on music and technology, Mozart opera, and literary modernism; a gigantic Rite of Spring conference; qualifying exams; a paper to present at SAM; a master's thesis on Pleyel's influence on American hymnody in the early 19th century; and some other stuff I'm forgetting about.

And if  you'd like to write a guest post about The Rite of Spring, email me! william l robin at gmail.