Wednesday, February 24, 2010

schlingen and blangen

May I direct your attention over to this fantastic review at Sequenza 21 of the best concerts I saw last year: Charlemagne Palestine's massive organ piece Schlingen-Blangen, at the Second International Conference on Minimalist Music at UMKC.

An addendum to Pwyll's excellent description: Following the concluding Firebird melody, Palestine came down from the organ loft to greet his audience. He immediately made eye contact with me and, without breaking eye contact, walked slowly towards me repeating "Do you know who I am? Do you know what that was? I am the Firebird. I am the Firebird." It was, needless to say, a surreal experience. Just about anyone who had a conversation with Palestine over the course of the weekend was completely befuddled. He slept through most Kyle Gann's and Cahill's performance of Dennis Johnson's five-hour November for solo piano, which would have been fine except for the impressively loud snoring.

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  1. hello Billy!!! Charlemagne Palestine here!!! Thanx for the good words
    about my performance!!! BUT someone else must have been snoring during NOVEMBER because i was already on an airplane on my way back to Belgium because the next day my wife Aude and I had to open a festival in San Sebastian Spain!!! Though i don't deny that sometimes i have been known to nap during performances (though more towards the evening and after "whiskeytime" which begins around 6pm each day!!) I really wanted to hear NOVEMBER!! But the flights back to Europe didn't give me any leeway!!
    So the CULPRIT!! was somebody else!!Maybe it was the ghost of Igor or the Firebird himself came and growled and you took it for me snoring!! anyway!! best to you!!! Charlemagne