Friday, April 23, 2010

radio commentary saturday

Seated Ovation will be making a second appearance on WNUR, Northwestern University's radio station, on Saturday afternoon at 3:30pm CST (that's 4:30 on the east coast!). You can tune in at 89.3FM in Chicago or on their website. I will be speaking about Music Marathon as well as the history of musical marathons, from the epic Beethoven-fest of 1808 to Cage's performance of Vexations to Morton Feldman's String Quartet No. 2 to Bang on a Can.

Thanks to Alex Ross for his mention of the Marathon, as well as Greg Sandow's blog post. It's not too late to blog about it, donate, or attend! April 30th to May 1st, get on it.

I will also attempt to liveblog the entire Marathon, aided by my crew, so tune in here in a week (the whole thing will also be live streamed on our website).

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